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10" JellyFish Beaker Glow In The Dark Pipe

Beaker Base Jelly Fish Glow in dark glass water pipeDiameter 4.2"18.8mm Female joints10" high5mm thi..


11" Clear Glass Water Pipe

Up Line Glass Water pipe14.4mm  female joints.high 11"14.4 male glass bowl included...


4.5" GRAV® Bauble Spoon - Blue

4.5" GRAV® Bauble Spoon made on 25mm tubing with large glass maria and inverted ash catcher mouthpie..


8" GRAV® Small Straight Base w/ Orb Perc Water Pipe

This GRAV® Straight-Based Water Pipe is 8" tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its downstem ends in a br..


Glass on Glass Oil Burner Water Pipe 3"

Glass on Glass Oil Burner Water PipeGlass on Glass Oil Burner Pipe (1set)2 rubber rings, one mouthpi..


High quality 8 Percolator arm tree glass oil burner

Glass on Glass Oil Burner Pipe (1set) 8 Percolator arm tree19mm male joints,  oil burner a..


Jane West™ Mint Upright Bubbler

The Jane West™ Upright Bubbler is 5" tall and made on 38mm mint green tubing. Its fission downstem..