Is bong healthier than cigarettes

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      The word “Bong” is derived from a Thai word that is “Baung”. It refers to a wooden round tube of bamboo but in the modern days it is also known as a cylindrical smoking pipe. Bong is a device that performs the filtration process and is used for herbal substances, tobacco or smoking purpose. A bong is built from any water tight vessel or air tight vessel by which a stem and bowl are added to it. It guides the air in the direction of downwards to below the water level hence it makes bubbles that move upward during the use. A hole on the lower part of the bong that is known to be as ‘carb’, ‘choke’, ‘rush’ or ‘hole’ is set aside covered during the smoking process in order to get the fresh air in to the bong. It is then untied to permit the smoke to be drawn into the respiratory system. On bongs where there is no hole the bowl and stem are removed to allow the air from the hole that holds the stem. This has been in use since past few centuries in Thailand, Hmong, and Laos and in all over Africa and many others.

         In the various researches, it has been found that bongs are better in regard to health as compared to the cigarettes. It is the process of bong that makes it less harmful for the human beings. Before going in to the lungs the smoke is pulled through the water then it is formed in to the small bubbles. At this point, it loses a lot of amount of its heat hence that makes it healthier for the health of people. In addition, another benefit of having water is that it cleans out the larger bits in filtration process such as tar, toxic material, and ash, even the butane production that arises from the lighter and it also reduces the amount of carcinogens per mouthful of air. Therefore, it reduces the chance of smoker’s helplessness to disorders and illnesses that might lead to lung cancer. But, the negative impact is that it drives the smoke quicker and deeper in to the lungs. The presence of warm water in glass pipe helps to kill the bacteria that are present in the smoke which make it healthier for people to use.

             While on the other hand, in cigarettes there is no presence of water or filtration process due to which the toxic material would directly enter your lungs that will cause many adverse effects and impact on the human body. People have started using glass bongs as compared to the cigarettes as it has very less chemicals that can enter to the body while smoking. However, people due to low charges of plastic tend to shift towards the use of plastic which is not usually suggested as it forms in to more toxic material when it gets heated.  Therefore, the use of glass pipe is seen to have better effects and impact on people as compared to the use of plastic. So the use of plastic must be discouraged and people should find alternate ways instead of using plastic. One of the major reasons that people tend to use the glass pipe instead of the cigarettes is that through the presence of pipe it does not directly infuriate the throat and it is easier to use for new comers who try to do smoking.

            A recent survey of three different sets of smokers was done that included 57 water pipe smokers, 30 deep inhalation cigarette smokers, and 51 normal inhalation cigarette smokers were acknowledged and studied. Moreover, 44 non-smokers were studied as a control group. A form was made to find out the severity and frequency of respiratory symptoms along with lung function tests to find out in depth study on smokers and control subjects using a spirometer. The results showed the intensification in severity and occurrence of the respiratory symptoms and lung problems was more in those who were using cigarettes as compared to bong. The common problem among all the different sets of people was wheezing, cough, chest tightness, cardiac arrest, lung infections and many more were found.

           In a nut shell, by looking at both the positive and negative aspects of bong and cigarettes it has been confirmed by many profound researches and studies that the use of bong has been better and healthier for the health of people as compared to the use of cigarettes. Many countries are focusing and trying to reduce the use of the cigarettes and endorsing other healthier improved ways for people to adopt so that they all can live a happy, better and a healthier life.

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