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Micro Nectar Collector kit 10mm joints

Nectar Collector ,The Most Popular and easier way to dabbing* The Honey Straw Nectar Collector is th..


10mm Nectar Collector TIps

10mm ceramic tip for Dabbing, and Nectar Collector,  and Honey Strawshigh quality ceramic nails..


6" Straight Neck handheld Glass Oil Rigs Pipe

6 inch soild milk white color mini hand held glass oil rigs14.4mm female joints, glass bowl inc..


Nos Cracker Ez Whipped it Cream Dispensers

This thing is  perfect and colorful ez to use Gas Cracker dispenser this is the right product,t..


9"Matrix Percs Glass Water Bubbler Oil Burner pipe

9"Matrix Percs Glass Water Bubbler Oil Burner pipeMatrix Percs Water pipe1pc 18mm joints oil burner ..


4" Dark Design Glass Pink squid glass handpipes

4" Dark Glass Pink squid glass handpipeweight about 60gram.  very unique handpipe,..


8" GRAV® Small Straight Base w/ Orb Perc Water Pipe

This GRAV® Straight-Based Water Pipe is 8" tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its downstem ends in a br..


4" Silicone Tobacco Pipe

4" Unbreakable Silicone Tobacco Pipe, come with jar lid and steel spoon,Length: 108mmPot Dia: 27mmHi..


Female Pyrex Glass Oil Burner Plugin Attachment for Water Pipe,

14mm 19mm Female Stem Oil Burner Plugin for Water Pipe,instantly turn your water pipe into an oil bu..


4" GRAV® Glass Blunt

The GRAV® Glass Blunt extends to 4" long and is made on 12mm tubing. Its outer sleeve fits around ..

Is bong healthier than cigarettes

Is bong healthier than cigarettes

rain 05/06/2019 0
      The word “Bong” is derived from a Thai word that is “Baung”. It refers to a wooden round tube of bamboo but in the modern days it is also known ...
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7 Steps to Clean Glass Oil Burner Pipe

7 Steps to Clean Glass Oil Burner Pipe

rain 01/11/2018 0
First Remove any loose substance from the pipe. Hold the pipe upside down and gently tap to get rid of any remaining particles. Then use a cleaning im...
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